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They may react with chili, yet they may forget that pepper can also be a trigger.Pepper could be rather spicy but people tend to ignore it as a simple spice.Steaming or grilling should be considered if you do want to develop heartburn. In fact, many people believe that peppermint can soothe the upset stomach, but actually, peppermint might cause heartburn symptoms as it relaxes the sphincter, which is the muscle between the esophagus and the stomach.This will let those stomach acids flow freely back into the esophagus.Therefore, it is better for your stomach to cut down the sodium intake in your diet and watch your spice amounts.The majority of us know that fatty foods could be culprits of heartburn, how you process your foods could also play an important role in this problem.From coffee and liquor to tomatoes and grapefruits, here is what you need to know about heartburn triggers.It is said that citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruits, orange juice, and tangerines are big heartburn culprits.

Many studies pointed out that those people who eat such diets which are high in salt tend to have the higher risk of developing heartburn than those who do not.If you still love drinking orange juice, try to get them in as early in the day as possible like in the morning, then you can take advantage of a low-acid orange juice.This will reduce the risk of acid reflux because a lot of people experience it in bed or while lounging.A few people complain that they get heartburn after consuming spicy dish while others might find spicy foods assist them in calming their chronic heartburn.Spicy food can impact the levels of acid in your own stomach, producing more hostile environment that could enhance acid reflux.

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However, these tasty red fruits are as acidic as their citrus cousins and might lead to the condition of chest pain afterward.

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